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Germany, South-Tirol, Switzerland

These three countries are our favorite destinations.
Especially Switzerland is our tours Higlight.
Steep walls, 4000er and nearly endless glaciers make the heart beat faster with every climber.
A visit to the great Aletsch glacier is, of course, a must for every trip to Switzerland.

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Central Sweden


Swedish west coast

Matterhorn Glacier-Trail



Coastal area of Sweden


Northern Denmark

Double Bowline Knot

for professional Alpinists ;-)


Swedish west coast


Danish west coast

More trips and Tours in Europe

Tour Alps 2014

Mathias Hense

In the year 2014 we have undertaken extensive tours in South Tyrol / Schnalstal. There are many interesting mountains in the Schnal Valley and the Similaun region. A complete glacier equipment with rope, pimples and crampons should be in the backpack.

Punta Della Vedretta (3289m)

Mathias Hense, Katharina Hense

Kayaking in British Columbia

Amy Mc Courtney

Hiking in New Zealand

Daniel Kane

Camping in Iceland

Sören Gustavson

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