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Mathias Hense

49 years old, from Paderborn, Germany

Traditional Alpinist, Freeclimber and Outdoor-/Survival-Specialist

My opinion about mountaineering...
Back to the roots!
If you do not see a route...you´re right ;-)

As an outdoor and survival specialist, my motto is still as follows:
Rainworms...you can eat .... but you do not!

My life motto is based on the principle K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple and safe).
Why do you have to make the things of life unnecessarily complicated?
Simple and straightforward, you simply have more fun in your life.
And that's the point!

Katharina Hense

16 years old, from Paderborn, Germany

climbed already in 3 countries

At the age of 14 she was already on a 4000er.
She´s a very good freeclimber and Mountain-Maid ;-)

Petra Hense

46 years old, from Paderborn, Germany

No climbing, but Trekking...

The Mother of the Basecamp ;-)

Fabian Hense

19 years old, from Paderborn, Germany

Sunnyboy of the Beach...

No ambitions to climb but he loves beaches and the sun..

You can of course also reach us at any time by e-mail: info@kraxelblog.de

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