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Windchill factor … what is that?

Everyone has already heard of the saying “… felt temperature” in the weather report. The windchill factor reflects precisely this again. Just not so spongy, but scientifically calculated correctly. An actual ambient temperature (air temperature) is reduced by wind speed. This can be easily understood in summer by car. If it is really hot (25-30 degrees) and one is driving with the car (over 50Km / h) simply times the hand from the window hold (best as a passenger!). After a short time, a considerable cooling of the hand is noticed, although the outside temperature has not diminished. The fact that this is not only a “felt” effect, one notices, if one feels with the other hand times. The hand stretched out of the window is actually considerably cooled down! What is perceived as pleasant in the summer can bring a person in the winter or in an emergency situation but rather into dangerous situations. One should not believe it, but due to the windchill factor you can draw frostbite at an actual outside temperature of over 0 ° Celsius, but with corresponding wind.

You should consider the following:

Wind speed below 6 km / h

Have only a very low windchill effect.
Likewise wind speeds of over 90 km / h
Only slightly increasing effect.

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