Fine Alpine-Walk in Switzerland

The Matterhorn Glacier-Trail

  • Trockener Steg, Calble Railway-Station


  • Type of Tour

    a very long Alpine-Tour when combining the two Ways "Matterhorn Glacier-Trail" and "Matterhorn Trail".

  • Duration

    From Trockener Steg via Schwarzsee. Furi and "Ricola Kräutergarten" ~ 7 - 8 Hours.

  • Starting Location

    Cable Railway-Station Trockener Steg

  • Final Destination

    Outskirts Zermat near "Ricola Kräutergarten".

The Route

The combined Tour "Matterhorn Glacier-Trail" and "Matterhorn Trail" is a very long and strong Alpine-Tour.



It is nevertheless a very beautiful and impressive mountain tour. The view is magnificent and you walk between glaciers and rocks.
Those who have time and strength can take a trip to the Hörnli hut. For this you need about 2 hours for the round trip.

In 2017 the Matterhorn was very "aper"...In winter 2016/2017 it has only very little snowing.

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