For professional Mountaineers and Climbers

The Double Bowline Knot
(also known as der doppelte Bulin)

  • Info

    The Double Bowline Knot is one of the best knots for Climbing and Mountaineering.

    We think, much better than "the Figure 8 Knot".
    The biggest advantage with the double Bulin knot is that it can be released much easier after a crash load, in contrast to the figure 8 knot.

  • Video Manual

    The best Video Manual we found at Youtube.
    The Video-Tutorial from Thomas Eisenbeiss:

Kathy learned this knot as one of the last unknown climbing knots.

She says: "this knot is easy..."
The Knot seems complicated only at first sight. If you have a little practice, it is very simple to knot and also to check at the partner check before climbing.

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